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                    Change the situation of our country's numerical control machine tool industry


                    Looking from the overseas experience, service industry is the most important direction of the economic transformation. However, with the deepening of the economic growth, social division of labor, services division of labor is also gradually thinning. Our services can be roughly divided into three categories: the first kind of to meet the demand of the enterprise, can be referred to as the producer services, the second category of living active services, mainly meet the demand of residents, and the third class is provided by the government's public services.
                     Producer services can be defined as the broker in industry, it runs through the industrial chain of industrial enterprises, always with the upstream company including market research risk investment information services such as product design, and middle company including the quality control of accounting law professional business services such as insurance and human resources, and accompanied by the downstream including advertising logistics and distribution, etc.
                    Consumer services directly in the face of all kinds of demand of residents, such as represented by food and clothing live line with the basic demand of passenger transportation and other industries has given rise to wholesale and retail food and beverage hotel, represented by learning exchange health entertainment money to upgrade requirements, ushered in the health care education information service game performance and financial services industries.
                     Since the 1970 s America's service sector continues to increase: one is the average growth rate is far higher than manufacturing; 2 it is the few experienced a recession in decades, the only one negative or during the financial crisis in 2008, and services in the United States in 2010 and beyond levels before the crisis. At present, from big to small private services including financial real estate professional commercial wholesale and retail health education information services delivery, warehousing and so on seven big class entertainment culture. Including financial real estate professional business education health care services continue to rise as a share of GDP, only wholesale and retail trade share is declining.
                     At the beginning of the economic transformation of the first ten years, with professional business education medical financial property cultural entertainment and information services represented by the five services growing most rapidly. In 1977 ~ 1977 years the average growth rate of inspection, the professional business growth is the fastest, but from the perspective of fine items, computer management information system of enterprise management consulting legal consulting industry development is relatively faster. Education in the medical industry ten years, average annual growth rate was close to 12%, second only to the professional business, health care and relief of industry growth is faster. We also noticed that, although financial property services overall growth was third, but the fund trust development are all of the fastest growing in the service sector, in the 1977 ~ 1987, the average growth rate of 32%, far more than the same period 8.8% of nominal GDP growth, even in the 30 years from 1977 to 2009, the average growth rate is at an astonishing 17%, far more than the same period 6% of the nominal GDP growth. In addition, the development of the securities industry is also relatively fast. Culture information service industry and entertainment industry growth rate, average annual basic at around 10%.
                     The situation in China: the economic slowdown, the years after 1995, the service sector growth persists for more than the second industry growth. This also means that if the future decline in China's economic growth potential, so historically, services or relatively better. At present the latest data update only to the Chinese service industry structure in 2007, we can compare its services structure with the United States in 2010, it is not difficult to find the gap between the two countries, the largest health welfare culture entertainment America accounted for more than 5 times than China's. Professional business services is four times that of China. Although the real estate industry reached 2.7 times of China, but it includes ownership estimate rents, and exaggerated the gap. In addition, the United States financial information software wholesale and retail accommodation catering industry accounts for more than double than are Chinese.   

                     As a result, the corresponding service industry in China are there is a huge space to grow up.
                    Besides to service transformation development, China's economic transformation in the other direction is transforming to high-end, many sub industries are now in the large-scale import substitution development. Therefore, growth and decline of the import and export all kinds of industry changes, reflect our country industry is experiencing from labor-intensive to capital intensive and technology-intensive upgrade.

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